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What starting and growing a startup looks like from the inside

Meenah, Omar & Habiba here!

We're building a high growth Fintech helping small businesses take control of their finances. We believe entrepreneurship is one of the greatest forces on Earth - and with a little bit of help, small business owners can not only change their own lives, but the lives of millions around the world.

As we move along in this journey, we keep facing new challenges and keep learning new things. Every day there is a new fire, a new milestone, a new failure, a new win. And every day we gain more knowledge and become better equipped for tomorrow.

These things are not visible if you are outside looking in. Exponential growth externally can only happen if there is exponential growth within. We are lucky to be in a position where we get to grow as founders, and humans, at unnatural speeds. And we believe it is our responsibility to share it with everyone who dares to dream, and dares to do - everyone like us.

We hope that by sharing our journey openly and genuinely, we can play a small part in yours.

Happy exploring!

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Shower thoughts

Our Shower Thoughts are all about how our entrepreneurial journey has been, what we as individuals and business owners have achieved and how strongly we feel about those achievements.

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