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Benefits of Automated Invoice Sending 

Invoice management can be a serious drain on time, people, and financial resources with manual procedures. The team at Metric believes such recurring tasks are not meant for humans and must be automated. The best way to handle this is accounting softwares, but not many offer inbuilt invoicing. Metric saves you the hassle of switching between different software, by providing all features in one app. You can now send direct invoices to customers from the metric app. It has significant cost savings, quality improvements and data-visibility benefits. 

Simple and easy!

Metric’s new feature makes Invoice sending an exceptionally short and easy process. You can easily check the invoice send box, and create a customer invoice along with income entry. 

In-app invoice sending!

Without the hassle of using any other app to generate invoices, you’ll be able to do that here. One platform entertains all your demands to save you from juggling different accounting software for different tasks. It also helps you keep a record of all your invoices.

Reduce Processing Time

Manual processing of invoices takes days while using metric’s automated invoice sending is a task completed within seconds. It also reduces the amount of time your team spends working on invoices on a given day.

Get paid faster!

You can create and share customer invoices at the same time. This ensures timely sending of invoices and lessens the time of payment collection. Automation accelerates all operations thus increasing the overall efficiency of the company.

Reduce Invoice Processing Errors

A simple data entry error can become a huge issue when dealing with manual invoice processing. A wrong name, wrong address or date could have you send one customer’s invoice to the other. Invoicing errors could also mean late payment or even lost invoices. Metric’s in-app invoicing guarantees less time spent correcting invoicing errors, and it can even reduce the number of checks you need to reissue.

Go Paperless

In-app invoice sending eliminates paper processes and subsequently manual errors. Going paperless saves the company a good amount of cost since not only paper purchase is terminated but sending cost is also not needed anymore. 

Getting Better Insights

Adapting AI-based solutions has brought understanding and insights into a business like never before. Automated invoice sending is one such feature that enables easy tracking of timely paying customers, those who pay at deadlines and the ones that always delay payments. Such information can reveal new insights that let you make more informed business decisions. 

For example, if this information tells you most of your customers are delaying payments, you need to look at what the reason is. Are you giving a short time duration, are you not sending reminders, and are the customers not happy with the services? Answer to these questions lets you take the initiatives to fix where the problems lie. 

Increases Control and Transparency 

As mentioned earlier, automated invoices give you control over invoicing process. That leads to better decisions. You can take the required steps of whether you should include payment reminder notices or follow-ups in your system when you have an overall view of the process. This increase in control and transparency also accelerates your business’s growth. 

Automation saves time and time is money! Automating any task increases employee productivity, saves time and cost, increases efficiency, gives insights and much much more. Metric allows you to start reaping the benefits of Invoice Processing Automation now with its new feature.