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When we announced Vixperts

One year ago today Omar Parvez Khan and I got our 'team' together for the very first time.


Shamaila Siddique FCCA, Ayesha Siddiqa, Akasha Fatima, Izah Tariq and Shams ul hassan, with Ayman Shah working part time. In a tiny room that we sublet in the office of a friend of ours (Muneeb Arif Khan, who also joined us as a consultant), with a single table, 6 chairs, and a sofa that Omar and I bought from a street off of Murree road.


There wasn't enough space for us all to gather, so our first 'company event' happened at the music school downstairs (for free). We sat on cushions, ate some pizza, and tried to convince our brand new team that we would build something that would change how businesses operated around the world.


At this company gt of ours I remember feeling excited and scared at the same time, but also a firm resolve. We have never claimed to know how all of it will work. But we know we will continue to give our all to make the promises we made come true. 1 year in, this resolve has not waned. 🔆


(picture below)