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Why Spur

To shift from survival mode to growth, young businesses need reliable, transparent and comprehensive training and support, and that's why Spur was born.

Designed to empower small businesses with grants (up to PKR 250K) and educational support - Spur will fuel your business journey.

The six-week training program includes one-to-one coaching, guiding you to run your business more efficiently while gaining confidence in financial decision-making.


Financial grants of upto PKR 250K


Training program to enable business growth

Eligibility criteria & guidelines

Basic Eligibility

  • The business owner must be based in Pakistan and of Pakistani origin.
  • The program is open for all business sectors as long as the company has been operational for more than six months and less than five years (financial data has to be provided).
  • Sectors include, but are not limited to photography, health, education, fitness, fashion and beauty, decor and architecture, agriculture, tech, and more.
  • Businesses do not have to be registered.

Rules for Participants

  • We invite startup businesses and SMEs to apply, especially those eager to build and sustain a positive impact for years to come, balancing purpose with profit.
  • The funds must be directed towards business growth. The business can not pay themselves a salary from this grant, however, if they decide to hire an individual outside of their group to provide services, they can pay the vendor.
  • All participating business owners must be present for all sessions to be eligible for the grant.
  • All participating businesses will abide by the reporting requirements of the program.

Start your application today

Applications close on the 5th of February 2023



Spur is a seed and support program for small businesses, aiming to help businesses thrive even in tough times, offering grants, educational sessions, and more.
Through this, Metric and their official partners will provide support and grants to SMEs, helping them generate sales and revenue, and manage their finances better, to get them through tough times

You can apply for the Spur program through the application link on the website. Three winners will be shortlisted to receive the grant.

If you get selected for the program, you will be notified through your email and whatsapp message. The dates for all educational sessions will be shared, and your Metric and password will also be shared with you. Those that attend all sessions will then be eligible to interview for the grant.

The program is for 6 weeks, at the end of which grant winners will be announced.

Yes! You can keep using Metric to track your finances even after the program is over. We offer three plans, including a Free plan that allows you to use Metric for free, forever.

Metric is built by entrepreneurs, industry experts, and venture capital investors. We have spent years working with thousands of startups to understand the challenges around financial management for young businesses. We believe it is impossible for a business to survive and grow without the right financial tracking and insights.

This is the problem we are trying to solve. Metric is excited to join your team!

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