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Introducing ONE Picture Accounting

You suddenly need a receipt from a month ago, and you can’t find it in your receipt drawer. You get a flashback, just last week you took a paper out of your bag to make a grocery list on. Damn! Was it that receipt? Did you throw it out? Sounds relatable, doesn’t it? Keeping track of your physical receipts is frustrating yet expecting all your suppliers to offer e-receipts is impossible. What is the solution then?

We at Metric don’t go by a traditional pre-set operation model that can’t be altered. As technology and customer expectations progress, so do we. Metric claims to be the world’s most founder-friendly app, and we strive to keep that title. Our team works tirelessly to make the platform more efficient and user-friendly. We understand your receipt tracking fiasco and have a solution for it. Metric is introducing a new feature enabling founders to turn physical receipts into e-receipt just by clicking a picture.

How does ONE Picture Accounting by Metric work?

Taking a picture of a receipt and deducing all the information out of it does seem like a difficult process. But Metric recognizes you as a founder, not an accountant, and lets you do it with just a click. The metric app uses 3 simple steps to digitize your receipts. 

  1. Snap a photo using the Metric app 

To eliminate the physical receipt keeping and tedious data entry, take a picture through metric app that gets saved in the cloud storage to be used whenever needed. 

  1. Picture gets scanned

The picture is scanned through an inbuilt scanner converting it to digital form. The software processes the text in the document to convert it into a form that’s able to be manipulated, searched, and otherwise put into use in other digital ways. All the details on the paper are extracted as data and recorded with no human intervention.

  1. Data extracted automatically

This digitized receipt is not merely a scanned copy of the picture. Instead, it provides business-ready data for the organization. This data helps the metric app provide you with accurate business insights, helps you with forecasting and allows the app to construct financial documents. 

Benefits of using One-Picture Accounting

If you have a smartphone and the metric app installed, you have all the tools you need to banish paper clutter from your life. You can more easily organize your files, photos and miscellaneous pieces of paper, and be able to access them with the tap of an app. Going paperless comes with a great number of benefits.

  • Save Time
  • Save Cost
  • Searchable Text
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Optimized Accounts Payable
  • Easy Payment Processing
  • Helps in Auditing
  • Easy Storage
  • Eco-friendly

Want to know more about how One Picture Accounting with Metric can be beneficial, click here!