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Why Mixing Business and Personal Finances is a Bad Idea?

Are you paying your tailor with your business money and spending your personal money to get office supplies? Danger Alert! This mixing of business and personal finances would end you up in devastating chaos.  Want to save yourself? Click to read more!

Beat the Recession blues with an all-in-one accounting app

With the recession looming over our heads, all businesses are in hot water. The situation is however particularly alarming for SMEs and startups that don’t have a financial cushioning. However, previous data shows, that not every business suffers from economic downfall. Many companies make the most profits during recessions. How? Click to read more!

Importance of Budgeting to step up your Startup Game!

Budgeting is a crucial part to scale up your startup. Monitoring the budget of your business helps in prevent any financial mishaps as well as take well planned financial decision. Click to read more about the importance of budgeting for your business.