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Our Services

One stop solution for all your accounting needs. Qualified Chartered Accountants available 24/7 to help your business

  • Maintaining Receivable and Payable Ledgers
  • Financial & Expense reporting
  • Creating Profit / Loss, Balance Sheet, Cash Flows, Account Receivable and Payable reports
  • Bookkeeping, Payroll managing and Bank reconciliations handling

Tax advisory and management to make sure your business is compliant with all international standards. Avail consultation from our qualified Taxation department 24/7

  • Direct and indirect tax compliance services
  • Expat advisory and compliance
  • Company formation and company secretarial services
  • Tax and establishment advice
  • Year-end reporting and preparation for audit
Want C-level insights but a hefty price of a seasoned CFO may evaporate your cash flows? Let our Virtual CFO’s take the reins.

  • Equipped with decades of experience, our skilled advisors can keep your finances in check by: Preparation of forecasts, Statutory accounts and sensitivity analysis
  • Job Costing and Budgeting
  • Offering Stock options and incentives

Why Outsource Accounting?

Like traditional accounting firms, we handle your basic bookkeeping. Unlike traditional firms, we go beyond and provide one-stop digital accounting solutions. So you don’t just get world class accounting services, but much more!

Saves Time & Money

Founders can focus on building their business and it’s much cheaper than hiring an in-house team to manage your backoffice.

Cut Down on Costs

Outsourcing costs less than hiring a fresh bookkeeper who is yet to learn the tricks of the trade.

Business Growth

Having a team of professional accountants can help you scale operations instantly.

Reduced Fraud

Outsourced experienced accounting team can instantly identify discrepancies owing to their extensive experience which could help in preventing fraud

Enterprise Solution

Our SAAS solution will enable you to view your books on the go and in real time, which most business do not get with a team of in house accountants.

Financial Intelligence

Expert accountants can help the management in making critical decision relating to job costing, budgeting, long term investments and finance decisions.

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Our Clients Speak

Dr. Iffat Zafar Co-Founder and COO, Sehat Kahani

They worked with me and my startup in the capacity of a Financial Advisors and built an excellent financial model for us from scratch. They have excellent financial analytical and forecasting skills and their financial modelling enabled us to raise our seed round of investment worth around $500,000. They also advised us on the various investment opportunities we would receive and also developed a strong company valuation.

Maliha Javed Khan Co- Founder – Easyinsurance

Metric worked on financial projections and valuations of our company, easyinsurance. Their work shows great attention to detail and he was always reachable to clarify queries and confusions. They developed financials for our company at a very early stage which has helped easyinsurance confidently chalk out a future road-map and gave us a clearer picture of what lies ahead.

Muhammad Mustafa CEO Mauqa Online

At a time when we had very little data points, Metric helped us think through the numbers and developed an incredibly robust model. Their model has been the foundation for our discussions with potential investors. We're truly grateful for their help and expertise.

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Metric is built by entrepreneurs, industry experts, and venture capital investors. We have spent years working with thousands of startups to understand the challenges around financial management for young businesses. We believe it is impossible for a business to survive and grow without the right financial tracking and insights.

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