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Frequently Asked Questions


Metric is the ultimate financial intelligence app for business founders. It aggregates data from all transactions and provides key insights to help your business grow in real-time. Say goodbye to wasted hours and hello to real-time reports. Join us now!

We are based in Singapore. To contact our support, mail us at support @metricapp.co.

No accounting background needed! Metric is the friendliest app for small and medium business founders. Just scan your receipts or fill in income and expense details manually, and you're good to go!

It is designed with simplicity in mind. There are no complex accounting jargons used, simply scan your receipts or fill in details manually for income and expense entries and you're done!

Yes it does! Metric is built for business at day one, month one, year one, or more. Businesses from different sectors ranging from AI to Ecommerce to Travel and Transport can track metrics, monitor financial health and gain sector insights using the app.

Currently Metric is only available on Android. But guess what? We are launching our Webapp soon!

Yes, you can contact us via WhatsApp at wa.me/+923197753205 or email us at support@metricapp.co and our support team will assist you!

It is, we have a free forever plan!
But we also have two more plans i.e. Startup and Growing providing more business insights and detailed reports for $29 and $79 respectively.
Want to know more about these plans! Check out the plan details on our homepage.


Metric provides a range of convenient plans that are customized to meet your particular requirements.
If you're a new business owner, the Free plan is ideal, as it offers valuable features such as, Real-time financial dashboard, Automatic metrics tracking, Reports, Partial payments and Receivable/Payables tracking.
For established businesses, we recommend the Startup or Growing Plan, which has some additional features such as user access roles, one picture accounting, sending customer invoices and founder's balance report.

Metric offers Taxation and Investment Readiness as an add on. Interested, get in touch with us!

You can pay via Google Pay or Paypro. To upgrade plan, enter account details in the billing section and subscribe!


Once you have logged into the app, tap on the ‘+’ icon to start posting transactions.

You can now set growth goals for your business. After you set your goal, Metric automatically calculates number of orders required to achieve that goal - that is updated in real time as soon as you add another income.

One picture accounting is one of the key highlights of Metric App. Whether it is an income, expense or withdrawal/deposit you can scan document and it will autofill details. An easier and time effective solution to record multiple transactions.

Yes, you can! While adding single order in income, enter customer name and select submit and send invoice to generate an automated invoice. This can be shared with customer with a single tap.

You have Profit and Loss Statement, Income Report and Expense Report in the reports tab. In startup and growing plan, you can also access Founder’s Balance Report, Customer, Vendor and Product Report.

Yes, you can export reports in PDF format from the app.

You can save product or service while adding income transaction - tap on new item and enter name, total income and cost of sales. If you want to save all products offered by your business - in menu screen, tap on products and add relevant details.

If this is holding you back from using the app, do not worry! We know how important financial data is to any business, therefore we offer data migration service. Tap on data migration to get in touch with our team

In activity screen, swipe left to delete a transaction.

While adding transaction i.e. income or expense you can mark amount received and rest will show up as outstanding balance. You can also pay remaining from the activity screen.

Yes! You can do this by viewing transaction in activity screen.

Founder’s Report helps to separate personal and business expenses, generating a report of the founder's balance i.e. owed to or by company. It works by classifying payments based on payment status and recipients while adding income or expense.

Once you've setup your account in Metric. It's easy to invite a user. Simply select the users tab in menu, then click 'Invite User'. Add name, email and select the access level.

An auto generated customer report - all you need to do is add customer name while adding income transaction. This will help you identify top customers and sales generated from each one.

Auto generated product report - all you need to do is add products/items in income transaction. Identify your top selling or lowest selling products and revenue generated from each product or service.

An auto generated vendor report - all you need to do is add vendor while adding expense transaction. You can now identify the vendors that you regularly buy from and keep track of your expenses.


Absolutely, Metric takes data privacy and security very seriously! For further details, you can visit Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions page.